Root Down to Rise Up: A Workshop Series
9:30 AM09:30

Root Down to Rise Up: A Workshop Series


Please keep checking back here for future workshops.

Join Sara Dubeau, DHHP, DMH and Dr. Jada Macleod for a 3-part workshop series that aims to get you unstuck and rising up. 

You’ve been sitting with this desire for a long time.

You keep thinking, “Soon...”
“I’ll get to it. Once I feel better. When I have more time. If I get that new job. Once I find a partner. When the kids are a bit older.”

Time passes. Seasons after season a new resistance emerges.
This holding pattern feeds a growing lack of belief, in yourself, and in the possibility for change. You feel frustrated, sad and lonely.
It causes sleepless nights, your heart to race, a heaviness in your stomach and tension in your chest.

It’s time.

For the shift- in circumstance, in perspective, in how you feel.
To unhook from that particular thread of hurt, belief or trauma that you carry, or inherited.
To go deep and slow into the inner work you are ready to do.
To commitment to yourself.
To create and receive.
It’s time to be the author of your story.

You know what you want.
You believe things can be better, and that by healing yourself you will connect more deeply with who you are.
You want to be guided and supported through a process that will create space for growth, provide tools for healing and soul nourishment, opportunity for self exploration, and action steps to keep you moving towards your dreams..
And you know that there is medicine that comes from gathering in community with people who are choosing to do their own work.

Is this workshop meant for you? 
Take a look at the details in the event below.

Have questions? 
Please feel free to connect with me.


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Green Cleaning: Natural Solutions for a Healthier Home
7:30 PM19:30

Green Cleaning: Natural Solutions for a Healthier Home

  • 1048 North River Road Ottawa, ON, K1K 3V4 Canada (map)
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Spring is (finally!) here, which means it's time to open the windows, shake out the carpets and get to cleaning!

Did you know that conventional house cleaning products contain a plethora of harmful synthetic chemicals that have been shown to disrupt the hormonal system, contribute to allergies, respiratory + skin ailments, immune system dysregulation? In short, they are undermining our health!

Thankfully, you have options. With some common ingredients and pure essential oils, you can create safe, effective and affordable cleaning products that are ready for the big and small cleaning jobs around your home.

Join Nataliya Chabanyuk + Sara Dubeau for a Green Cleaning Workshop where you will:

+ learn how to "green clean" your home with natural ingredients +
the effective plant power of essential oils
+ create 3 simple cleaning products to take home
+ receive a "Green Cleaning Toolkit" ebook to help you to
continue to upgrade your cleaning products and create a healthier

Cost: $20

Spaces are limited.

Registration is required.
To reserve your spot you can send me a message + then payment can be arranged via e-transfer.

Also, if you are brand new to essential oils and would like to learn more about how to use them safely + effectively to support you in your wellness, there is a Essential Oils Basics class happening just before the Green Cleaning Workshop. The Basics class is free and you are welcome to register for both the class + the workshop.

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Reset, Renew + Restore : A  30 Day Whole Health Program
to May 9

Reset, Renew + Restore : A 30 Day Whole Health Program


Please check back here for the next program in the FALL 2019

Reset, Renew + Restore Program
A 30 Day Whole Health Lifestyle

The truth is, most people don't know how good they can actually feel. They have become accustomed to living with the pain, discomfort, digestive upset, fluctuations in mood and hormones. It's become- normal.

Is there an area of your health that you have been looking to pour a little love into?

Are you curious what could shift if you simply showed up and devoted 30 days where you simply INVESTED in yourself + in your physical + emotional well being?

Are you willing to committed 30 days to YOUR health?

If you are, I hope you'll consider joining me for this program.

WHEN: Monday, April 8th- Tuesday, May 7th


30 days devoted to your physical + emotional health.

Key supplementation + doTERRA essential oils + tools to support whole body nourishment, diminish chronic inflammation + provide gentle detoxification and digestive support.

A choice of dietary + lifestyle guidelines focused on nutrient-dense whole foods + adequate hydration + movement + emotional well being.

Weekly yoga/meditation and breathwork tutorials by Lori Chamberland.

Online group health coaching by Sara Dubeau DHHP, DMH + Roxanne Harris to provide education, guidance, support, accountability + help you establish daily wellness habits (the pillars of our health).

Guided self exploration + self development to help you identify habits + beliefs that support or detract from best self + take action steps!


The purchase of doTERRA's "Cleanse + Restore" kit 
$259.75 USD (no additional tax).

You can purchase your kit here:
Or connect with me directly and I will help you get started.

***For those who are already part of my doTERRA Wellness Community you can purchase the Cleanse + Restore kit using your wholesale account.


Key nutritional supplementation + digestive support + lifestyle suggestions that you will be incorporating throughout the program

My 35 page Reset, Renew + Restore ebook + tracking chart.

A complimentary 1:1 Wellness Consult with me (valued at $110) following the program where you will receive personalized support for your health goals. I will continue to be your lifestyle + essential oil educator and mentor.

Access to free continuing education + programs through our Engaged Essentials Education Community.

A free doTERRA Wholesale Account (valued at $42 CAD) that provides you with 25% off some of the best natural health products + essential oils in the world. You'll be able to customize your own wellness box online anytime you want, and have it delivered to your door.

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The Way of the Spirited Woman Salon Evening
6:30 PM18:30

The Way of the Spirited Woman Salon Evening

At our April Way of the Spirited Woman Salon, we will explore how we can deepen our intimate connection to the energy and rhythm of the seasons.  We'll be taking a closer look at Spring- the season of renewal, growth, and potential.

In this salon evening you will be taken through an exploration, using movement, writing, and discussion. 

Some of the questions we will be asking: 

What is your relationship to the season of Spring? 
Do you notice changes in your body, energy, creativity, sexuality, relationships? 
How do you embody and harness your experience? 
Do you have traditions, or ritual, around this time of year? 
Does your relationship to the season of Spring changed as you age? 
Are there ways that we can be more in tune with the cycles of the season? 

Please RSVP by registering at:

What is a Salon?

The objective of our salon is to gather women together on a monthly basis for an evening of stimulating conversation and social engagement.

We wanted to know, "What could we learn by gathering in multi-generational circles? What do women really care about? What's on their minds? Where are they putting their energy? Are women giving themselves permission to deeply follow their own passions? Do they have a circle of support and a place for self-expression?"

At one time these fashionable gatherings served as intellectual, creative, social and political melting pots. Salons have become powerful venues for discussion, social change and personal transformation and growth. They represent a contemporary movement to recreate communal relationships in inspiring settings.

If you would like to share this invitation with others, please do. Everyone is welcome.

Spaces are limited and awarded on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to reserve a spot please register early. 

Food and Refreshments

Coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages and dessert are available for purchase at the location. 

The cost for the evening is a suggested cash donation of $15. The donations for the evening will cover the use of the space.
Please RSVP using eventbrite and let us know if you will be joining us.

Stay Connected. Consider following us:


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