You’re drawn to ideas surrounding the healing arts, sustainability, healthy food systems, and conscious living. You’re a natural-health explorer and have tried wheat-free and vegetarian diets, made it through several 2-week cleanses, dabble in organic gardening and take a daily probiotic. You strive to understand your own inner workings and so you gravitate towards anything that could garner self-knowledge. You’ve attended empowerment workshops, know your Myer’s Briggs personality, have read Deepak Chopra and try to “think abundantly”. You are driven by a deep desire to feel resilient, live well, and do good work that will have a positive impact on the world.

And now for the kicker.

You have invested a considerable amount of time, energy and money into achieving a better state of well being. Yet, you still feel like you are searching for the key to greater health and self-realization. While some experiences have been impactful, others have been too mystical, or maybe even felt like materialism dressed up in hippie clothing. Despite your efforts, you feel a bit stuck, frustrated and wonder why you haven’t made bigger strides.

It’s okay. We all need a little guidance sometimes.

I'm going to venture that you’re done with band-aid solutions, symptom chasing, saccharine pop-spirituality and a trial and error approach to natural health and self-development. You’re not interested in simply masking, managing or superficially scratching the surface. 

You want to go deeper.

You are searching for a process of health and transformation that is personalized, grounded, effective, and truly holistic. You want to work with someone knowledgeable who knows how to navigate the terrain, and will help you reach that profound state of well-being that you long for.

I can relate. That is what I was looking for too.  Consider this your call. 

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