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I’m so happy you are here.


Because we need more conscious thinkers, doers and influencers like you sharing your big hearts, brilliant ideas and creativity with the world. When you are tuned-in and feeling good, you become an agent for change and are a positive force to be reckoned with. I want to help you feel healthy, resilient and connected to what you care about, so that you can make your mark. 



At 12 years old I found myself in the doctor's office. For months I had been grappling with incapacitating fear. I was riddled with anxiety and refused to go to school. My well-meaning GP dismissed my "episodes" as childish antics contrived to illicit my parent’s attention. The reality was that I was suffering with a deep all-consuming fear that I didn't understand and couldn't control. 

Whenever I needed respite I sought refuge in nature. I climbed trees and played in fields. When I was outside, with my bare feet on the ground, I felt more calm and centred. From participating in my surroundings I learned at a young age that nature has the capacity to heal and that it functions, as we do, according to an intelligent design. 

Instead of fundamentally addressing my anxiety, I learned how to outwardly hide and manage it. I struggled with panic attacks and periods of depression, but suppressed it beneath a veneer of academic success, niceness and emotional eating. I chose not to share my inner conflict out of fear of being stigmatized or put on medication. I had observed in those close to me how futile and damaging the pharmacological interventions for mental illness could be. The root causes of their symptoms were never wholly addressed but simply managed, while their health continued to decline and their natural expression was flat-lined. 

I refused to go down that road. I felt that there had to be another way.

I was also blessed to have people in my life that embodied vitality and health. I had a great-aunt who was warm-hearted and effervescent. She swam naked in a lake almost every morning, was in a loving relationship and exuded a quiet strength and sense of autonomy. She became a living example of how I aspired to be.

Finally, after an extensive search, I discovered the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and decided to enroll in their practitioner program.  In the years that followed I learned the principles of a complete dynamic system of natural health. It's definition of wholeness went beyond the attainment of a sound body, to encompass the pursuit of greater self-knowledge, consciousness and the fulfillment of our desired path. With Dynamic Medicine I found what I had been searching for and finally set in motion the healing of my body, mind, soul and spirit.


I’m passionate about helping people strengthen their bodies, connect more profoundly with their innate wisdom, cultivate resonant relationships, and own their personal power - so that they can share their creativity, warm hearts and good work with the world. 

On any given day, I’m called to be a healing artist, a teacher, a counsellor, and a cheerleader.  My work is my vocation. It is an extension of who I am, and what I’m wired to do.


My interest in holistic health stems from a deep-seated need to be in service and to engage in meaningful work. I am drawn to insights on how we can enliven our bodies, reclaim our autonomy and expand our consciousness. To this work, I bring my clinical experience as a Dynamic Medicine Practitioner with a formal education in holistic health and remediation from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.  My knowledge continues to be enriched by my study of advanced nutrition and therapeutics, and mindfulness meditation practice.

In addition to being a practictioner, I am also the co-founder of, The Way of the Spirited Woman, a series of multigenerational salons that bring women together for the purpose of stimulating conversation and social engagement. The salons arose from a desire to create a safe, and supportive forum, where women of different ages, and life experience, could gather for honest, thought-provoking discourse, and personal exploration. From these conversations emerged a profound recognition, that within each of us lies, a Spirited Woman. She has a desire to burn brightly, speak truthfully, act daringly, and live richly. The universal and eternal wisdom of how to make our way as a Spirited Woman has been passed on from generation to generation, though the art of sharing our stories. The Way of the Spirited Woman is an attempt to reclaim the sacred tradition of multi-generational women’s gatherings, and begin to create, a contemporary vision for the Spirited Woman. 


Informed by my own engagement with the conventional system, and through careful study, I feel strongly that there is a need for natural, effective and ethical health care. While conventional methods have their jurisdiction, when it comes to addressing certain chronic illnesses, supporting personal development or helping people achieve greater self-determination, I feel that a compartmentalized and authoritarian approach to health, fundamentally misses the mark. Having a principled, viable and life-promoting complement, is paramount. It is this understanding that compelled me to study, and to eventually work, with the remedial art of Dynamic Medicine.  

I believe that the overarching aim of health is not simply an absence of symptoms. It’s about having the capacity to live our best life - a rich, juicy, connected, lit up, fulfilling life. This essential truth resonates with me deeply, is the basis for how I aspire to live, and informs how I work with the people who walk through my door. 

To get there, we will all be called to slay some personal dragons, pull up our socks, get comfortable in our skin and take leaps of faith. It’s our hero’s journey, and it awaits patiently for us to accept our invitation. 

I look forward to joining you on yours. 


“And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anaïs Nin

Is working together a fit for you? Let's find out.