The Way of the Spirited Woman- A Multi-Generational Women's Salon

Within each of us lies a spirited woman. She has a desire to burn brightly, speak truthfully, act daringly and live richly. 

She waits to be summoned into our lives.

The Way of the Spirited Woman is shared between grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and friends. Stories, passed from generation to generation, contain a universal and eternal wisdom.  

We have gradually lost the art of sharing our stories and with it, the guideposts for living.It’s time to re-claim the honored tradition of multi-generational women’s gatherings and begin to create a new vision for the spirited woman.

Your presence is requested. Join us for a women’s salon where we will explore what is truly relevant to women, at every stage of life. 

Find out how we as women can support one anther in fostering deeper health and well-being, cultivating our wild and precious lives.

What is a Salon?

The objective of our salon is to gather women together for an evening of stimulating conversation and social engagement.

At one time these fashionable gatherings served as intellectual, creative, social and political melting pots. Salons have become powerful venues for discussion, social change and personal transformation and growth. They represent a contemporary movement to recreate communal relationships in inspiring settings.

Wednesday, June 17th from 6pm-9pm

 Wilf and Ada's 501 Bank Street.