911 For A Stomach Bug

This How It All Started

I felt great all day. I had even given it my all at a dance class in the morning. Running errands in the afternoon I stopped and grabbed a salad.

Then it hit me.

Later that evening I started feeling foggy, my tummy was turning and I broke out into a cold sweat. 30 minutes later I bolted to the closest public bathroom, and literally, lost my lunch.

It could have been a common virus that causes a “stomach flu” or potentially, contaminated food. Honestly, they can often look pretty similar. Regardless, in mild cases the treatment is often the same, and in that moment what I knew for certain, was that my body was fighting something and needed support.

Fast forward to 24hrs later- I bounced back with boatloads of energy and feeling like myself.

The Tools I Used To Support Myself

Since this experience is fresh I thought that it might be valuable for some of you to see my personal protocol. First, let’s just say that I am SO THANKFUL that I have tools in my home and at my fingertips to support me in times like these. doTERRA’s essential oils are always part of my personal wellness protocol because they are phenomenal at supporting the body, while also being effective at addressing unwelcome invaders that have circumvented the immune system. While I’m always an advocate for prevention, when things do arise, as they inevitably will, there is nothing like having your own wellness supports on hand. An educational resource I love to refer to is The Essential Life Book. I can be invaluable in times like these.

How I Supported Myself: The Breakdown

That Evening

  • After I was sick in the washroom I washed my hands + used some of my own On Guard Hand Sanitizer. (Dude, if you aren’t doing either of these, please wash your hands! )

  • I popped 2 On Guard + 2 Peppermint beadlets that I had in my bag in my mouth to alleviate the nausea, freshen my breath and support my immune system. I also added a swipe of peppermint touch roller to the back of my neck to help me cool me off as I felt like I was running a bit of a fever.

  • Next I grabbed a the “Hydrate” drink from Pure Kitchen. (It’s an awesome blend of coconut water, lemon, lime, salt, maple syrup, blue majik.) You guys, this seriously saved me. Dehydration is a real concern when you have food poisoning or a stomach bug.

  • Unfortunately, I was sick again as soon as I got home so I had a shower.

  • To support my immune system and address unwanted invaders I took an On Guard Softgel (Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Black Pepper, Cinnamon Bark, Oregano, Eucalyptus, Rosemary + Melissa). You can also take a version of these oils topically if you don’t want to ingest them and apply them with a carrier oil to the bottoms of the feet, up the spine and the pulse points on the neck.

  • To calm my upset stomach I began taking a drop each of Digestzen Blend + Ginger + Fennel Digestzen is actually a digestive wizard and know for all things “Spews + Poos” I took them in a shot of water and swished in my mouth and swallowed them. I also applied Digestzen topically with a carrier oil on my belly. This relived my nausea for several hours and helped me to stop vomiting.

  • I waited 30 minutes to drink my hydrating drink as even a lot of water can upset the stomach right after you have vomited. I stayed hydrated by taking small sips throughout the night when I woke up.

  • In my diffuser I put On Guard and another dose of Digestzen + an On Guard Capsule

In the AM

  • Woke up lethargic + a bit of a headache. To relieve the head tension I did a swipe of Peppermint + Frankincense + Lavender on my temples and the back of my neck

  • Continued to replenish electrolytes with my own hydrating drink: filtered water, coconut water, Himalayan sea salt , maple syrup, lemon juice + a drop each of Lemon + Wild Orange essential oils (the oils support the production of glutathione which is key in detoxification)

  • Had a bowl of Bone Broth (which I had made on the week end) and added a bit of miso paste. It was simple nutrition and provided some natural probiotics

  • Consumed lots of herbal tea: ginger + liquorice

  • Sat in the sun in a chair for 20 minutes 2 x that day. Fresh air + sunshine was amazing

In the Afternoon

  • My tummy could tolerate more solid food so I let my intuition guide me. I was craving refreshing foods like cucumbers with Himalayan sea salt , rice crackers, more bone broth, and for some reason, shredded purple cabbage with olive oil + bit of raw apple cider vinegar (raw apple cider is a probiotic + purple cabbage is high is antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties)

  • Took a dose of my daily supplements: Lifelong Vitality Pack + PB Assist probiotic plus a veggie capsule with 1 drop each Copaiba + Turmeric + Frankincense + Zendocrine Detox Blend (great for immune support + regulating inflammation. Turmeric is also an excellent digestive support- including addressing pathogens)

  • Wasn’t feeling feverish so I had a relaxing detox bath and got a good sweat on: 2 cups of epsom salts + 1/2 cup baking soda oils: in a tsp of fractionated coconut oil I added 2 drops each Aromatouch Massage Blend + Marjoram in the bath

  • Rested and listened to my body. I was feeling better but still pretty tired

In the PM

  • I was feeling so much better. Kept hydrating with my electrolyte drink

  • I know how crucial sleep is so I got myself to bed at 9:30pm. I added Lavender, Frankincense + Siberian Fir for additional sleepy time support in my diffuser

The following AM

  • I woke up today as good as new.

  • No gastro symptoms

  • Lots of energy

  • No headaches or muscle aches.

  • Went for a walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

The Clean Up

I wanted to prevent the spread of the “ick” + hopefully save hubby from a similar fate. So I pulled out my non-toxic, but super effective cleaning products that I had ready to go (If you want to learn how to make these I have tutorials on FB and a great Green Cleaning Guide that I share with my doTERRA Wellness Community.)

  • With my All purpose On Guard spray I cleaned my counters + my bathroom. Now you are probably thinking, “I thought On Guard was for immune support?” And yes, it’s phenomenal for immune support AND it had also been shown (through research which you can look up on Pub Med for yourself) to be highly effective at killing pathogens on surfaces and minimizing the spread of these germs by preventing proliferation on the surfaces where On Guard has been used for several days! What….?! For real. All this without using terrible toxic chemical that encourage super bugs and are terrible for your health

  • Washed all of my sheets and the clothes I had been wearing with my On Guard detergent and made sure my On Guard foaming hand wash was topped off in the bathrooms and the kitchen.

  • Added the Purify Blend on an intermittent setting to my Lumo diffuser and let it run for a few hours

I hope you found the education I shared here helpful. If you’re yet to experience these oils yourself you can either purchase them here, connect with me for a 1:1 chat or join my newsletter list for monthly specials and information.

+++ This is where I remind you that the information that I provide isn’t intended to be medical advice. If you have concerns you should absolutely see your trusted healthcare provider and know when to seek medical help. What I do share meant to be educational and to learn options that are available so that you can decide how you can best support your health in a way that makes sense for you, and your family.