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RSC: Lifestyle Series: A Holistic Approach to Your Wellness

  • Rideau Sports Centre (RSC) 1 Donald Street Ottawa, ON, K1K 4E6 Canada (map)

How good you can you actually feel?

The truth is, far too many people are managing chronic ailments vs. living with vitality and truly thriving.

Can you relate?

You aren’t sleeping and you would love to get more quality sleep, and to wake up feeling refreshed.

You feel like you are running on coffee, and wish that you had more energy to do the things that fill your cup.

Your digestive system is often “unhappy”, and you would like to be able to eat a variety of foods without discomfort.

You have aches and pains, and would love to experience that next level of fitness, to recover more quickly, and enjoy movement without pain.

You are chronically stressed, often struggle with anxious feelings, sadness, and you wonder what it would be like to feel more emotionally resilient, and joyful.

You often feel powerless when it comes to your healthcare, and you want learn how you can support yourself, and those you love, with more natural options, and to have more complementary choices and options available to you.

The good news?

90% of chronic ailments significantly improve with shifts in our lifestyle.

And when we are looking to make a change, and are supported by a community of like-minded people, we are more likely to stick with it, and experience the growth we are looking for.

You are more capable + powerful than you probably realize.

It’s why RSC, and I, have partnered to bring you an educational and experiential series of workshops devoted to lifestyle medicine where you will learn about key wellness pillars, safe and effective techniques and natural tools, that you can begin to implement to support you in upleveling your health.

Will you join us?

Find out how good you can feel.

Join me for a 4-Part “Lifestyle Medicine Series: A Holistic Approach to Your Wellness” where we will dive into topics such as:

Sleep A-ZZZ

Sleep is a fundamental health pillar. On average, most of us could be sleeping better, and longer! Learn key tips + tools that will help you to (finally) get better quality sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Mental + Emotional Health

Mental emotional health is a hot topic and deserves our attention. Learn why, and how to approach your mental emotional health holistically, and the daily habits and tools that contribute to more emotional resilience, and fulfillment.

Fitness: Performance + Recovery

Whether we are aiming to hit a fitness goal, move with more ease, or recover more quickly from an injury, we recognize that movement is central to our health. Find out how to move to increase our fitness, avoid injury, recover more quickly and ease pain.

The Great Outdoors: Create A Natural Medicine Toolkit

While we know that spending time in nature heals, and it also comes with its own set of challenges. Having solutions that support our health, and contend with common first aid scenarios, allows us to fully enjoy our time in the great outdoors, and leaves us feeling more empowered in our healthcare.

Get Started

Choose one of the following options:

4-Part Lifestyle Series

Attend all 4 RSC Lifestyle Series Workshops and receive a travel keychain, 4 samples of doTERRA essential oils, a RSC shirt, a free yoga class + a 30 minute 1:1 with Sara Dubeau, DHHP, DMH to go over your health goals + create personalized wellness plan!

Fee: $180

Individual Workshop

Join us for a single educational workshop and create a take home DIY.

Fee: $50 (General Public) $30 (My doTERRA Community)

Location: Rideau Sports Centre (RSC)

1 Donald Street, Ottawa, ON

Spaces are limited.

To reserve your spot please register online with with RSC or call at 613-749-6126.