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RSC Lifestyle Series: Sleep: The A to ZZZs

  • Rideau Sports Centre 1 Donald Street Ottawa, ON, K1K 4E6 Canada (map)

How well are you sleeping?

Are you getting enough deep, restorative sleep on a consistent basis?

Do you struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep?

Did you know that a lack of quality sleep be affecting your energy, mood, relationships, productivity and physical health?

We know that our daily routine influences our health and wellbeing; however, we often forget that our nightly sleeping habits are just as crucial to our health. While some may think that the only consequences of poor sleep are feeling groggy or sluggish the next day, sleep deprivation has actually been linked to a number of health risks that can impact our body, our mental capacity and emotional wellness.

So, if you find you aren’t catching enough quality Zzzzzs, it’s time to prioritize this essential lifestyle pillar so that you can feel, and be, your best!

Join Sara Dubeau, DHHP, DMH for a workshop on Sleep: The A to ZZZs!

In this workshop we will touch on:

  • How sleep impacts your mind, body, energy and performance

  • Some of the common sleep challenges we face and what may be contributing to them

  • Why we need to include Lifestyle Medicine (optimal nutrition, movement, stress reduction) in our sleep prescription

  • The importance of healthy sleep habits and how it starts with your morning routine!

  • Effective, simple techniques and tools, that you can begin implementing to help you revolutionize your sleep

Some of the tangible and actionable tools + techniques we will explore:

  • Key supplementation that supports a better night’s rest

  • Apps and tools that support your circadian rhythm

  • Breathwork to help you wind down + prepare for sleep

  • The power of doTERRA essential oils + aromatherapy: direct routes to calming the mind + body (and some of my favourites)

Create your own “Sleepy Time” rollerball with doTERRA essential oils

Receive a “Sleep: A-ZZZs” ebook

Attend all 4 RSC Lifestyle Series Workshops and receive a travel keychain, 4 samples of doTERRA essential oils, a RSC shirt, a free yoga class + a 30 minute 1:1 with Sara Dubeau, DHHP, DMH to go over your health goals + create personalized wellness plan!

$50 (General Public) $30 (doTERRA Community)

General public can register online or by calling Rideau Sports Centre Sign at 613-749-6126. My doTERRA community, please connect with me to register and receive your discount!